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Reference Sheet
Oh look, a reference sheet for something. Whatever could it be for Qw

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It was the sudden temperature change that woke me up.

The crisp and humid afternoon has slowly evolved to a cool early evening. My eyes strain and adjust to the darkness and my mind still dizzy, tries to recall where I was. Before I could fully realize where I was a pair of arms, already wrapped around my waist, pulled me closer to its warm body.

"You awake sweetie?" he nuzzles his face on my neck.

My senses heightened and I finally realize where I was. My surroundings becomes vivid and clear.

"Just now" I said, drier than I'd expected.

He pulls me in closer, my small body against his. His lips find its way to my ear.

"I wuv you" he gently nibbled on my ear lobes.

I could feel my body tense for a bit as some anomaly in the pit of my stomach builds up.

He runs his hands up from my thighs, to my hips, a quick detour to my backside, then to my waist. While doing so, his other hand interlaced with my right hand and held on firmly.  His careful familiarity with my body always turns me on.

"I wanna go back to sleep" I muttered rather miserably. A soft giggle escapes his lips as he continues trailing kisses from my ear down to my neck.

“You sure?” he stops just as he reaches my cheeks, sounding  a bit alarmed.

I lay there, pensive for a second. On days like this, we would throw just ourselves at each other, make sweet love and just abandon everything else around us. But today... today seemed different.

“Yup.” I fluttered my eyelashes, trying my best to sound as sad as possible.

Whenever I refused, he just looks at me with sad doggy eyes and immediately, he gets what he wants. I look at him and he barely looks sad. In fact, he looked different than usual.

“Are you OK?” I said as I tried to turn my body towards his but being larger than me, he stops me by pulling closer to my waist and kissing me gently behind the ears.

“I’m fine” he whispered and nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck “I’m more than fine.”

I laid there, waiting for him to do something, but he doesn't. The feeling was slightly unsettling. I carefully formulated a sentence in my mind and before I could ask him, he took a sharp breath and hugged me tighter.

“I had a bad dream” he said softly, and I could feel a sting in my chest.

“What was it about?” I asked softly, trying to face him but his firm grip kept me in my place.

“I dreamt that I woke up and you weren't there”

Those words stunned me, like a sword pierced through my heart.

This guy usually looks jolly and fun with not a shred of sadness in his heart but this moment was something quite rare. We lay there, quiet and still for a moment, our breathes almost even and my heart pounding louder than a bass drum. Why was I tense?

“I’m here” I said , finally able to face him and his eye were damp, on the brink of tears “I was never gone. So please...”

He grabbed on to me and hugged me, I nuzzled my face into his chest, his bare scent puts me on edge.

“Don’t ever leave me.” His whisper wavers slightly.

“I promise” I said, hugging him tighter.

“I love you” he says gently planting a soft kiss on my lips.

He envelopes me with his arms and his quilt blanket. I really hate his quilt blanket but today, I made an exception.

“I love you, too”
Lucid Daydream

Have you guys ever had a dream where it felt so real, like it was a memory?
Just a little writing experiment I made based on those feelings.


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I like to experiment things u@

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